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                     Name: Cyclohexanol

                    Product Name: Cyclohexanol
                    English Name: Cyclohexanol
                    CAS: 108-93-0
                    Molecular Formula: C6H12O
                    Molecular Weight: 100.1589
                    Physicochemical Properties
                    Main Composition: Pure product
                    Appearance & Property: Colorless crystal or liquid with camphor odor.
                    Melting Point (°C): 25.93
                    Boiling Point (°C): 160.84
                    Relative Density (Water=1): 0.9624
                    Relative Vapor Density(Air=1): 3.45

                    Solubility: Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether, benzene, ethyl acetate, carbon disulfide, oil, etc.
                    Property: Colorless, transparent and oily liquid or white acicular crystal. Soluble in ethyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, carbon disulfide, turpentine oil, linseed oil, etc. Solubility in water at 20°C is 3.6g/100g,solubility ?in cyclohexanol at 20°C is 11g/100g. Relative density is (d20)0.9624. Melting point 25.93°C. Boiling point is 160.84°C. Refractive index is (n22D)1.4641. Flash point ?is 68°C(close cup).
                    Rubber, resin and nitrocotton solvent. Insecticide. Mainly used in the production of cyclohexanone, adipic acid, and plasticizer, surfactant and as industrial solvent, etc.
                    Packing, Storage & Transportation: Colorless liquid at room temperature, should be packed by? 200kg steel drum or by storage tank and transported by tank car.