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                     Name: SODIUM POLYACRYLATE (SPA)

                    Chemical name: Sodium Polyacrylate (SPA)
                    Property: SPA is a new type polyelectrolyte polymer with a certain length chain. It has a function of three dimensional stabilization . the charge of itself has electrostatic stabilization. it has very excellent dispersing performance. It can be used as the agents of dispersing. thickening, stabilizing and clarificant and widely used in the fields of water treatment. textile,paper producing, paint, exploring &drilling extraction

                    1.Appearance: White powder,tasteless, inodorous
                    2.Molecular  weight range: 500-30000000
                    3.weight loss after dry : 6% max
                    4.Purity: 94.0% min
                    5.Transparency : Transparent
                    6.Free alkali : no
                    7.Residual monomer : 1% max
                    8.Amylum : no
                    9. water insoluble 1.5% max

                    Packing and storage:
                    The product is packed in a trinity bag with inner polyethylene film. the net weight of each bag is 25kg
                    Stored in a dry and vent place. Avoid moisture