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                     Name: 4-Acetamido-TEMPO, free radical

                    Chemical name: 4-Acetamido-2,2,6,6-tetramethykpiperidine-1-oxyl
                    Chemical Structure:
                    Molecular formula: C11H21N2O2
                    Molecular weight: 213.30
                    CAS No.: 14691-89-5
                    1) Appearance: Red color crystal or powder
                    2) Purity: 98%
                    3) Melting Point: 143-146°C
                    4) Moisture:0. 5%max
                    5) Ash Content:0. 1%max
                    Applications: It is widely used as inhibitor and pharmaceutical intermediate
                    Package: Packing in 25kg fiber drum or according to the requirement of the customers.